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Free Bail Bonds Las Vegas. WE GOT IT! Providing professional bail bond service in Las Vegas since 2007.

Our staff is always ready to answer your call. Free Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, NV is open 24 hours a day. We're just a call away. It's easy, you'll never have to leave the comfort of home. As you read on, we have included some frequently asked questions and answers which should give you a better understanding about how to get someone out of jail. There are many options so please read on for full descriptions of your options. Further more, we are happy to answer any questions you may have once you call. It is our job here at Free Bail Bonds to keep you calm and help you through the process with as little worry as possible. We know times like this can be stressful and we cannot emphasize enough that you are in good hands.

Frequent Questions

How much is bail going to cost?

In Nevada the percent of the bail amount is 15% which is the law for a premium to be retreived by a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman.

What are my bail bond options?

Once you contact a Las Vegas bail bondsman, they will go over the different types of bonds available for your situation. For example, there is a bond which is like a promise to the Judge called Own Recognizance Bond meaning no bail needed. A Property Bond using real property value. A Cash Bond, Citation Release Bond but again we will go over all of these bonds with full description when you call.

Do I have to go down to the jail myself?

No. The bail bondsman will deliver all paperwork necessary for bail, so no need for you to have to go anywhere. Just stay calm and let your Las Vegas bail bondsman handle everything for you.

How long does bail processing take?

From the time that you call an speak with a bail bondsman, the document process should only about 30 minutes. It helps to have a printer with a scanner or a fax to expidite things.

How soon can an inmate be released from a holding facility?

First things first, the bail bond documents need to be delivered and processed which can take up to an hour depending on the facility in which case could take up to ten hours or so or a little as an hour.

What printable forms are needed?

We have provided a list of forms that will be needed. They are listed below. Be sure to also read Free Bail Bonds terms of service.

What information should I have for bail and jail release before calling a Bail Bonds Agency?

It's best to have all information pertaining to the arrest or charge including where they are being held. CCDC (Clark County Detention Center), Las Vegas, NV Jail, Henderson, NV Jail, etc. Any personal information, name, address, date of birth and best way for contacting you back, phone, text, email.

What areas do you offer bail bonds service for?

We can service bail bonds Nationwide and locally in the following areas: Las Vegas, NV (Clark County, NV), Henderson, NV, North Las Vegas, NV and other Counties and Cities around the Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan areas.

What types of payments are accepted?

Same day bail bond service is offered including free bond delivery in the Las Vegas, NV area with payment accepted in cash, or credit card. We also offer payment plans if desired.

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Privacy Concerns

Do not be alarmed about your privacy. If you have concerns about the details of bail bond processing, you can rest assure our objective for the incarcerated is to keep their privacy and your privacy as discrete as possible. With that said, we'll stand by that.