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Free Bail Bonds Las Vegas Nevada

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Instructions Overview

What you should know about someone that has been incarcerated in the City of  Las Vegas; see important questions. Generally the accused that has been arrested, would have been brought to a jail facility for booking. Once booked they will be put in a jail cell. We use the Clark County Nevada inmate information database to expediting all bail processing forms. The Law requires 15% of the bail amount to be collected by a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman as premium. You can pay upfront or negotiate financing with our bail bonds agency. Free Bail Bonds will then guarantee what is called full payment. This insures that the person "defendant" appears for trial. The person helping will have to guarantee the accused appearance. An agent will be asking lots of information about the inmates character, if there is a previous criminal history, where they work and current residence. It is very important to provide all contact information including best number where an agent can contact you, as we will be in touch several times throughout the process. It's best to have a fax machine or access to one as this will expedite the bail process. The holding facility, most jurisdictions only allow a Bail Bondsman inside for legal reasons and with this said you won't have to go there letting us do this for you. Free Bail Bonds will contact the appropriate authorities. Be calm and don't get overwhelmed, let the agent work out these matters for you. We hope these instructions help you by giving information about the process overview.

Frequent Questions :
What happens when defendant misses trial date?

Authorities will issue a warrant for an arrest for failure to appear. Specifics vary in jurisdictions. The law gives the bail bondsman authority to apprehend. If efforts are unsuccessful, they will then take the initiative and deploy an apprehension team known as Bounty Hunters. The person who guarantees appearance by posting collateral, has that fugitive surrender if at all possible. If the fugitive surrenders before actual remittance to the State; you should not lose posted bail collateral. If the fugitive is not apprehended before the allowed forfeiture time, the bail bondsman will remit the entire bond to the court and proceed to legal action, seizing collateral, liquidating seizure. Mandatory Law requires the Bail Bond Agency to refund any value received exceeding bail issued after liquidation. Our experience at Free Bail Bonds has and always will be to conduct business cautiously, by not posting bail when there might be potential of flight risk. We have an excellent appearance rate that is highly recognized.

Bail Bond Descriptions

Here are descriptions of the different type of Bail Bonds you can choose from. (1) Own Recognizance Bond to be released after agreeing in writing. No bail needs to be paid or posted. You are merely making a promise to the Judge that you will abide to his request to appear when notified. (2) Property Bond are an alternative for a defendant and in this case he or she is able to use property of which the Judge will determine the value of the real property for a bond guaranteeing you will appear before the court when requested. (3) If Cash Bond is the choice for bail, there are placements of restrictions for any money and has to be verified and clean according to Federal Law guidelines. (4) Citation Release Bond is when for example, you get a traffic ticket by a policeman. This form of citation will show the date that the accused will have to appear in Court.

Document Processing

The bail document process takes around 30 minutes. The release time after all bail bond documents are delivered to authorities then processed can be an hour with consideration of holidays, time, day of week, busy holding facility which in these cases may take up to 3-12 hours. Free Bail Bonds is located just a few blocks from downtown Las Vegas which is to our advantage.

Printable bail bond documents and forms for faster processing. If you have questions about Free Bail Bonds terms of service, please call or come in for help.

Inmate Search for Las Vegas Jail Inmates
Confidential Application Page 1 and 2 to be completed
Credit Card Authorization for bank debit or charge payment
Disclosure Notice important document form with conditions for bail
Indemnity Agreement to be completed for the surety company or its agent
Proxy Application must be filled out by the indemnitor to show the relationship to the defendant

Bail Bond Service

Bail service in Clark County Nevada, including Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and other Counties around the Las Vegas Metropolitan areas.

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Privacy Concerns

Do not be alarmed about your privacy. If you have concerns about the details of processing, you can rest assure our objective for the incarcerated is to keep their privacy and your privacy as discrete as possible. With that said, we'll stand by that.