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Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Free Bail Bonds Las Vegas Nevada

Forget about calling anyone else for all Las Vegas Bail Bonds. FREE BAIL BONDS 24 Hour bail bond service. We Got It!

Bail Bonds Las Vegas

You have been notified there has been an arrest, and the accused has been transported to a booking facility then incarcerated in a housing unit. Take a deep breath, sit back relax your in good hands. In this time of crisis, selecting the right experienced bail bonds agency is critical. It's easy, you'll never have to leave the comfort of home for Las Vegas Bail Bonds.

It is our job to keep you calm and help you through the jail release process with as little worry as possible. So let's get started...

Once you contact a Las Vegas bail agent, they will go over the different types of Bail Bonds available for your situation and will suggest which bond will work best for you based on the jail location and crime. Let's briefly go over the bonds we write the most of; Cash Bond: Requires total amount of money posted in cash. The court holds the money until case is final. If the defendant does not meet appointed trial date, this type of bond will be forfeited, warrant issued for an arrest. The incarcerated inmate may be their own guarantor. Caution: Federal laws place restrictions, guidelines on a cash bond in cases involving narcotics trafficking. Those cases, monies must be clean and of verified origin. Citation Release Bond: These can be issued by Law Enforcement Agents, informing charged with appearance date. Own Recognizance Bond: Administrator and or judge interview incarcerated placing restrictions, recommendations regarding release without financial security. Property Bond: The Incarcerated can obtain release from custody posting these specific bonds. The court records lien and or note right when securing the bond. If individual fails to appear at trial, the court may institute foreclosure on property. Certain times, the equity may be twice the amount.

Bail Bond FAQ's

Have all information of the person pertaining to the charge including where they are being held. Clark County "CCDC", Las Vegas or Henderson Detention Center? Any personal information, name, address, dob and several ways you can be reached either by phone, text and email. We'll be needing to ask some questions, pertaining to the inmates personal character, work, criminal history, current residence, etc. It's very important to have all phone numbers where you can be contacted as we will be contacting you more than once. Try not to be to overwhelmed, let us help with advice and work for you.

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Bail Bond Forms

We have provided a list of forms that will be needed for a bail bond. They are listed below in PDF Format which you will need to open and either print and fax over or scan and email.

Free Bail Bonds is located down the street from the Las Vegas Jail and just a few minutes from the Clark County Detention Center which allows us to provide a faster bail bonds service than most other Agencies outside of the downtown Las Vegas Nevada area.

Bail Bonds Las Vegas

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