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Bail Bond Overview On How To Get Someone Out Of Jail

An arrest was made and you have received notification the accused has been transported to a nearby Las Vegas booking facility and incarcerated in a housing unit. Now what? First of all don't panic. Upon reaching out to a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman, he will guide you through the overview of a bond and explain how bail works based on the crime and jail location. Try not to be to overwhelmed about which bond will work accordingly. It's best to let your bondsman help you decide in choosing a bond once all the details are in line. We strive to keep you calm and help you through the bonding process with as little worry as possible.

What Service Does Free Bail Bonds Provide?

We offer same day expedited bail bonds processing with free delivery in Las Vegas, financing, location inmate search and fugitive recovery services. Las Vegas bail bonds walk-in service, online bail bonds and assistance by phone 24 hours a day.

About Free Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Free Bail Bonds is rated a #1 professional Bail Bonds Agency in Las Vegas, NV. For those of you who have ever been arrested in the city of Las Vegas you understand what it means to know of a trusted bail bondsman. One that will act when the time comes when someone you know has just been arrested and needing a bail bond quickly. Free Bail Bonds will handle everything for you with the utmost importance and privacy. You can trust Free Bail Bonds for exceptional service at an affordable price.

Disclaimer: Free Bail Bonds is a licensed Nevada Bail Bonds Agency and is not an affiliation of CCDC or any other Detention Center in Henderson or Las Vegas, NV.

Can Free Bail Bonds Provide Bail Bonds Service Nationwide?

Free Bail Bonds provides bail bonds service Nationwide in most jails. Locally providing Las Vegas Bail Bonds service and in all the surrounding areas of southern Nevada including; Boulder City, Paradise, Spring Valley, Nellis AFB, Henderson, and Pahrump.

What Are The Different Types Of Bail Bonds Offered?

  • Cash Bonds: Requires total amount of money posted in cash. The court holds the money until case is final. If the defendant does not meet appointed trial date, these types of bonds will forfeit, resulting in an arrest warrant issuance.
  • Citation Release Bonds: Law Enforcement Agents can issue these types of bonds informing the charged with appearance date.
  • Own Recognizance Bonds: Administrator and or judge will interview the incarcerated placing restrictions, recommendations regarding release without financial security.
  • Property Bonds: The incarcerated can obtain release from custody posting these specific bonds. The court records lien and or note right when securing the bond. If individual fails to appear at trial, the court may institute foreclosure on property.
  • Surety Bonds: The way surety bonds work are that these bonds protect the obligee (one to whom is bound) against any losses...FAQ's.

How Much Is Bail In Nevada?

In Nevada the percent of the bail amount is 15%. Nevada law requires a bail bonds agency to retrieve this amount for the premium. The bail bonds agency will then guarantee full payment of the amount of the bond to the court. This insures the court that the defendant will appear for trial. Requiring guarantee of their appearance is something that you should keep in mind, and also having to provide collateral on the entire bond. Therefore, you should know what collateral property you will be using for the bond. You may pay for bail upfront or arrange financing with us.

Bail Instructions

Have all information of the person pertaining to the criminal charge (DUI, Drug Crime, Felony Theft, Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence) including where they are being held. For example, the CCDC, Las Vegas Jail or North Las Vegas Detention Center. Any private information, name, address, date of birth is most helpful. They'll be needing to ask some questions, pertaining to the inmates personal character, employer, criminal history, current residence, etc. It's very important to have all phone numbers where you can be located as they will be contacting you more than once. Let the bail bondsman know which way is most suitable to stay in touch with you, either by mobile, text or email.

Helpful Glossary and Terms of Service to guide you through step-by-step regarding concerns you may have:

We have listed information regarding several important topics in which may apply to you. Read all about the following; bail bonds process overview, same day service, and two ways to pay for an immigration bond. Cash and surety bonds, the biggest difference along with advantages and disadvantages. Informational resources, official bonds agency city search with locations listed along with privacy policy notice. Detailed information regarding Inmate search, jail release and fugitive recovery.

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